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Trade up. Increase cash flow. Build wealth. Retire.

The 1031 Exchange—one of CRE's most powerful tools for building long-term wealth. We specialize in escorting our clients to maximum financial success by strategically implementing 1031 Exchanges throughout our clients’ deals. While complex and with strict rules, our experience has allowed us to accumulate unique strategies for realizing the full potential of 1031 Exchanges and giving our clients the best representation and the most flexibility while pursuing an Exchange.


Whether you’re curious about exploring options to improve your investments through a traditional 1031 Exchange, non-traditional exchange (reverse exchange, etc.), or some other type of Tax Deferred Trust (DST), we can help strategize and connect you with Exchange specialists to help you succeed. Call us any time to discuss.

Services that we offer include:
  • Market Valuations & Sales Comp Analysis

  • Market Rent Survey & Analysis

  • 1031 Exchange Replacement Property Identification

  • Reverse/Build to Suit Exchanges

  • DSTs

  • Financing/Refi Strategy Analysis

  • Property Management Options

  • Financial "Tune Up"

  • Strategies to Maximize Current Cash Flow

  • Short and Long-Term Wealth Generation Analysis

  • Market Timing Analysis

  • Development Feasibility Analysis

  • Vendor/Partner Referrals (contractors, attorneys, CPAs, lenders, property managers, etc.)

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