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about us


We Pride Ourselves on Being

the Best of the Best

Created out of a desire to make the local commercial brokerage experience better, Top Gun CRE was founded in 2017 after several years of planning. We know that brokers of the past used to succeed by withholding information and not representing their clients’ best interests. As brokers of the present and future, we believe in being expert advisors to our clients by sharing information and distilling it down into actionable insights.

Collectively, we have over 3 decades of broad CRE experience including investment, management, development, and brokerage; having worked previously at - and been mentored by - several of the most prestigious apartment brokerages in Southern California for many years.

We broker apartments in San Diego County. Our simple but laser-guided focus in this airspace means the highest level of service and support. And this means we know all of the ins and outs of San Diego apartments, and how to best sell them to the investment community in order to generate the best prices, while also protecting our clients from liability.

We offer expertise in all multifamily properties and capital markets within San Diego County. Our ability to translate market trends into market intelligence enables you to make decisions with confidence. Our unrivaled combination of capital markets know-how and in-depth understanding of real estate fundamentals allows us to deliver on our promises in order to meet the precise needs of our clients. We are a boutique firm 100% focused on client success. We promise to be your steadfast wingmen and escort you to maximum financial success.

Our Mission

To create value for our clients through creative, actionable ideas and flawless execution, and to be the most relevant and trusted advisor in the commercial real estate space.

We are - or aspire to be:

  • The “best-of-the-best” in commercial real estate; a high-performance team that prides itself of superior skill, tact, and customer service.

  • A discreet and trusted advisor that prioritizes long-term relationships over single transactions – it’s decades, not deals.

  • An organization that invests in our people and fosters their growth & empowerment at all levels.

  • A collaborative and intelligence-driven team that operates with a high degree of internal connectivity, data-driven decision-making, and trust.

  • A firm that uniquely combines capital markets and real estate expertise – providing clients with outstanding advice and execution in all the major markets, property types, and transaction forms.

  • A company that encourages its people to develop deep personal, lasting relationships with the individuals at all levels at our client organizations.

  • A team that prides itself on exemplary service and integrity, and can consistently achieve the “highest price, in the quickest time, with the least amount of hassle” for our clients.


Why The


Sometimes a name is just a name. Sometimes a name has great meaning. We're shooting for the latter.


We didn't want to be another "INSERT LAST NAME HERE" Group. We're different than the other brokerages in town. 


We chose the Top Gun name to stand out; to connote our commitment to being the best in the business; to resonate with San Diego and our military community; to support one another and our clients; to underscore our commitment to hard work; to be wingmen; and to have fun. All of these things are fundamental pillars of our business, and we wanted to ensure our company name reflects those core values. When you choose Top Gun CRE, you're choosing the "best of the best".

Good is the enemy of great.
And that is one of the key reasons why we have so little that becomes great.
-Jim Collins



Call Sign: "Mad Scientist"

As Top Gun’s resident Mad Scientist, I am always devising clever ways to get better, faster, stronger, and continually plotting my clients’ path to success. No wing is left unturned in my hunt for the next highest opportunity. “What are we going to work on today?”, you might ask, to which I will reply: “take over the world!”.

DRE # 01872460
Broker, Designated Officer

Call Sign: "Mad Max"

Like a true maverick I fly by the seat of my pants and use my gut instinct to stay nimble, innovative, and on the leading edge of the CRE airspace. In the words of my favorite band, TOOL, "Push the envelope, watch it bend...". I promise to work harder and smarter than my competition, push the boundaries, and escort my clients to maximum financial success.

DRE # 01964069

Call Sign: "The Natural"

Is CRE easy? No. Am I good at it? Yes. They call me The Natural because the hustle and passion that it takes to be successful in this business runs in my DNA. Don't mistake my easy going personality and good-natured charm, I'm committed to making it to the top and taking my clients along for the ride.

DRE # 02049221

Call Sign: "Five-O"

They call me Five-O, not only because I'm originally from Hawaii, but also because the Aloha spirit is imbued with all that I do. I treat my clients like close friends, and my passion for helping them achieve success with their investments is what drives me. 


Call Sign: "Wolverine"

"Don't wait to buy real estate. Buy real estate and wait." They call me "Wolverine" because I can bring a deal back from the dead, I've got a hardened deal-making exoskeleton, and because I can tear apart the competition or bad offers. I am a valuable resource for apartment owners regarding property transactions, valuations, refinancing, and other related market information. 

DRE # 02095348
Joseph Barela

Call Sign: "The Optimus"

They call me The Optimus because I see the highest potential in situations focusing on what is ideal for my clients to maximize their investments.  Sports have always been a passion for me, and I have brought that same hard working and gritty mentality to my real estate business.  With this hard work and optimistic attitude, I will ensure that my clients achieve the highest price, in the quickest time, with the least amount of hassle.

DRE # 02132418

Call Sign: "Ice Man"

They call me "Iceman" because I show little emotion or fear when it comes to dealing with challenges. With a team full of top wingmen, I'm bound to reach success. I put my clients' best interests first and won't stop until their needs are accomplished. 

Nick - Crop - lowres.JPG
Nick Barth

Call Sign: "Shooter"

Grew up in San Diego.  Loves San Diego.  Knows every part of San Diego!  Currently studying at San Diego State University, and prepping to become your "Wingman".

Duy - lowres.JPG

Call Sign: "Fly Boy"

Ready to take on the world in a flawless manner.  Hungry yet humble to be the best of the best.  Always eager to learn with an open ear, sharpening my skills and attributes to be the best wingman.  I am here to be the solution to any of your issues, completing the job at hand in spectacular fashion.  This is only the beginning of my legacy.


Call Sign: "Soph"

I’m at the top of the flock because I work smarter and harder. I’m determined to give the highest caliber of care and to get the best possible prices for my clients. Real Estate flows through my veins and I love to pursue everything set in front of me. Take a seat in the cockpit with me and let’s soar to success.