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Tell Lawmakers How the Eviction Moratorium Affects You

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

With the state’s COVID-19 Tenant Relief Act (SB 91) due to expire at the end of June, tenant groups and lawmakers are calling for an extension of the law through the end of December 2021. They are also asking for amendments that will embolden unscrupulous tenants to withhold rent under the shield of law, even if spared financial impact from the pandemic.

Lawmakers need to hear your story. Any extension could be voted on by the Legislature by June 15. We know many property owners are struggling. Even with federal/state money available to cover back rent, many tenants have refused to cooperate in the application process or don’t qualify for any assistance. Moreover, the application process is challenging and often results in incomplete payments.

Legislators need to know how an extended eviction moratorium would affect you and exacerbate the struggles you've experienced over the past year.

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